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Ultra Violet Accelerating Aging Tester Leather Plastic LED Bulb Lab Aging Chamber UV Aging Test Chamber

Ultra Violet Accelerating Aging Tester Leather Plastic LED Bulb Lab Aging Chamber UV Aging Test Chamber

Ultra Violet Accelerating Aging Tester Leather Plastic LED Bulb Lab Aging Chamber UV Aging Test Chamber

جزئیات محصول:

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
نام تجاری: GAOXIN
گواهی: ISO 2009
Model Number: GX-3050


Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
قیمت: negotiation
Packaging Details: Standard Exporting Wooden Case
Delivery Time: 15 work days
Payment Terms: FOB Shenzhen T/T
Supply Ability: 50 per months
اکنون تماس بگیرید
توضیحات محصول جزئیات
فضای اتاق کار: 450 × 1170 × 50 میلیمتر حجم خارجي: 580 × 1280 × 145 میلیمتر
محدوده دما: RT + 10 ℃ ~ 70 ℃ محدوده رطوبت: 90 ~ 98٪ R · H
یکنواختی رطوبت: ± 2٪ یکنواختی دما: ± 2 ℃
نوسان دما: ± 0.5 ℃ نوسان رطوبت: ± 2٪
نمونه استاندارد: 75 × 150 میلی متر یا 75 × 300 میلی متر (یا مشخص شده توسط کاربر) عمق آب: 25 میلیمتر، کنترل اتوماتیک
منطقه معتبر UV: 210 × 210 میلی متر طول موج اشعه ماوراء بنفش: UV-A 315-400 نانومتر؛ UV-B 280-315 نانومتر

Ultra Violet Accelerating Aging Tester Leather Plastic LED Bulb Lab Aging Chamber UV Aging Test Chamber



The UV aging test chamber can simulate the influence of the environment including sunshine, rain and dew by exposing the sample to the controlled inter-circulation of the sunshine and moisture with the high temperature. The tester simulates the sunshine using the UV lamp, the moisture using the condensation or spray. And it is essential to the aerospace, automotive, home appliances, scientific research and other fields.


Test standard:

GB/T14522-93; GB/T16585-1996;  GB/T16422.3-1997;  ASTM D4329,D499,D4587,D5208,G154,G53;ISO 4892-3,ISO 11507;EN 534; EN 1062-4,  BS 2782;JIS D0205;SAE J2020


Structure and Features:

(1)   Material:SUS stainless steel with paint

(2)   Cover material:SUS stainless steel board with paint

(3)   Eight UV-A or UV-B tubes in the working room

(4)   Heating method: water tank type heating with rapid speed and uniformity

(5)   Box cover: Double-direction flip

(6)   Automatic water supplement to avoid air burning

(7)   Sample shelf: stainless steel or Aluminium alloy

(8)   Mobile wheel : High quality PU wheel on the bottom of the box

(9)   Drainage system: vortex type and U type deposition device

(10) The surface of the sample is parallel to that of the UV light

(11) Auto sprayer with the adjustable water pressure

(12) The machine would cut off the power supply once the door opens when it is testing to protect worker from any hurt.

(13) Over-temperature protection: The machine would cut off the power when the temperature inside is too high.


Control  and System:

(1)   Temperature and humidity controller: Korea high-precision digital micro-computer type integrated controller with the accuracy of  0.1℃ and resolution of ±0.1℃;

(2)   Sensor: PT100 Platinum resistance temperature measurement;

(3)   Control method:The thermal equilibrium temperature humidity method;

(4)   P . I . D+S.S.R system control;

(5)   Protection device: No-fuse protection switch; over-temperature protection; low-water level protection; over-load and electric leakage protection.


Technical Parameter:

Working room space


Outside volume


Temperature range


Humidity range


Humidity uniformity


Temperature uniformity


Temperature fluctuation


Humidity fluctuation


Standard sample

75×150 mm or 75×300mm(or specified by user)

Water depth

25 mm,auto control

Valid UV area

900×210 mm

Ultraviolet wavelength

UV-A 315-400nm;UV-B  280-315nm

Test time

0~999H  adjustable

Blackboard temperature


Ultraviolet light, dew time


The machine can accept customization



Ultra Violet Accelerating Aging Tester Leather Plastic LED Bulb Lab Aging Chamber UV Aging Test Chamber

اطلاعات تماس
Dongguan City Gaoxin Testing Equipment Co., Ltd.

تماس با شخص: Johnny Jiang

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